Dutch knowledge platforms
In this project, we aim to fully cooperate with the knowledge platforms because their experiences are the starting point for this investigation.

Athene Institute, VU University Amsterdam
The Athena Institute develops and applies transdisciplinary approaches for joint reflection and action on innovation processes among a wide variety of stakeholders who have different interests, values, visions in order to address complex problems in stagnating systems (society or organizations) in a sustainable and equitable way. It contributes a transdisciplinary approach and methodologies for use in this project.

The Broker
The Broker is a knowledge brokering organization specializing in bridging the knowledge gap between NGOs, academics and policymakers in international development. Active at the interface between research and policy since its foundation in 2007, the Broker connects, co-produces, synthesizes and disseminates knowledge between these different worlds using well-considered methods and tailor-made products. The Broker is an important partner because of their familiarity with the knowledge platforms and with knowledge brokering more generally. They will contribute to this project with their innovative insights and methods, and by providing a platform for dissemination of approaches and findings.

Knowledge Management for Development community
This community is made up of more than 3000+ professionals world-wide working in the field of knowledge management. When the first results of the project are available, online consultation will be used to validate and gain feedback on the findings. We also plan to share the findings and outputs with this community.